Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blogs Worth Noting

The following list is continuously appended:
  • Happy Haiku ~ Gabi Greve's haiku gallery on life in Japan, with links to the World Kigo Database and Daruma Museum, plus much more... a very active blog with daily posts and links to other active haiku related sites. See especially her Haiku Theory Archives.
  • Deborah P. Kolodji ~ "Poetry scrapbook and random musings," an active blog from one of California's most prolific promoters of haiku and science fiction /fantasy poetry.
  • M. Kei: Kujaku Poetry ~ Japaniform poetry: tanka, waka, kyoka, sedoka, choka, haiku, senryu, and related genres
  • Tanka Fields ~ by Robert Wilson. "Welcome. Come in, take off your sandals, and read some tanka. The concept of yugen is interwoven into my poetry. My influences include Shotetsu, Fujiwara Teika, Saigyo, Emperor Kogan, Tonna, Mokichi Saito, Michael McClintock, Anita Virgil, Kisaburo Konoshima, Shiki, and Fumiko Nakajo, to name a few."
  • Wakakusa ~ the haiku of Dustin Neil.
  • Haiku Now ~ from Ireland, a mixed bag of haiku and other short forms.
  • That Was Zen, This is Tao: A Journey in Haiblog byAn Xiao ~ smashing photoblog with great links. See her Flickr log too.
  • Tanka Central Blog ~ side car to Tanka Central the journal, check for announcements.
  • Haiku Path ~ from Romania, Dana-Maria Onica's haiku / senryu (in English). New as of November, 2006, with quality writing. Worth a visit.
  • kami haiku ~ Judy Kamilhor's haiku, senryu, zips, tanka, etc. - many fresh images, links to other good haiku blogs, resources.
  • CinquainWatch ~ newly resurrected by Deborah Kolodji, tracks cinquain events, announcements, information.
  • HaikuShelf ~ Angelika Wienert's (Germany) bilingual photo/haiku blog. Beautiful writing by this widely published author.
  • Watercolor, Pen, Photography & More: A gallery of art, photography and poetry by Jerry Dreesen and his friends ~ introspective hand painted haiga that convey the strong feelings of an experienced haijin. I'm looking forward to future posts.

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