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Online Journals

  • Amaze - the Cinquain Journal ~ AMAZE: The Cinquain Journal is dedicated to developing, promoting, and publishing cinquains in the traditional form established by Adelaide Crapsey. We are also very interested in the development and publication of innovative forms of the cinquain, such as mirror cinquains and cinquain cycles or sequences. Deborah P. Kolodji, Editor
  • Contemporary Haibun Online ~ A Quarterly Journal of Contemporary English Language Haibun. Selections from the online journal appear in the annual print edition. Ken Jones, Jim Kacian and Bruce Ross, Editors
  • HaigaOnline ~ Beautifully edited and produced, HaigaOnline is published Summer and Winter, with feature galleries posted in the Spring and Fall. The haiga (picture/haiku) selected are among the finest composed in the English language, including traditional sumi-e style, photo-haiga, abstract and avant guarde styles. HO uses Macromedia Flash for its innovative music and slideshow pages. This is one of the most elegant e-journals to be found in any genre, anywhere. Linda Papanicolaou, Editor
  • Lynx: A Journal for Linking Poets ~ A quarterly e-journal of symbiotic poetry, focusing on linked haiku, rengay and renga series, and other collaborative genre. Lynx also publishes solo linked forms, such as the ghazal, haibun, tanks and haiku series, as well as free-form sequences. Recently, collaborative haiga have been added. Jane Reichhold, Werner Reichhold, editors; Allison Millcock, haiga editor
  • Modern English Tanka ~ "dedicated to publishing and promoting fine English tanka (including tanka written in cinquain and cinqku set forms). We are interested in both traditional and innovative verse of high quality and in all serious attempts to assimilate the best of the Japanese waka/tanka genres into a continuously developing English short verse tradition. In addition to verse, we publish articles, essays, reviews, interviews, etc., related to tanka." Denis M. Garrison, Editor; Michael McClintock, Contributing Editor
  • Roadrunner Haiku Journal ~ a quarterly online journal that publishes quality avant guarde English-language haiku and senryu. The Gendai [21st Century-Modern] Haiku Translations section is worth the visit alone. Jason Sanford Brown & Scott Metz, Editors.
  • Simply Haiku ~ a quarterly journal of Japanese short form poetry, "contains original contributions from new poets and experienced haijin, with offerings in the English genres of haiku, senryu, haibun, tanka, renku and haiga. In addition, we feature a haiku column, and offer articles, interviews and book reviews featuring well known figures from the international haiku community along with reprints from other journals that merit wider distribution." Robert D. Wilson, Managing Editor
  • Tanka Central ~ the megasite for English language tanka and related forms "The mission of TankaCentral.com is to promote the tanka form of poetry, to educate newcomers to tanka about the form's history and future, techniques and uses, and to work for wider publication of tanka in both specialty and mainstream poetry venues. In order to accomplish this mission, it is our intent to build this into a megasite that will be the best place to study tanka on the internet, with its own onsite resources, with comprehensive links to other relevant sites, with connections to others who write, read, and publish tanka, and that can become the best source for finding places that publish tanka, calls for submissions, contests, etc. "
  • ..Tryptich Haiku ~ alternative and experimental haiku. Kevin Doran, Managing Editor

Print Journals

  • Acorn: a journal of contemporary haiku ~ Acorn is a small biannual journal dedicated to publishing the best of contemporary English-language haiku. In particular, it showcases the individual poem and the ability of haiku to reveal the extraordinary moments found in everyday life. A.C. Missias, editor
  • Frogpond: the Journal of the American Haiku Society ~ The official publication of the Haiku Society of America. Its primary function is, to publish the best in contemporary English-language haiku and senryu, linked forms including sequences, renku, rengay, and haibun, essays and articles on these forms, and book reviews. Published three times a year. George Swede and Anita Krumins, editors

    bottle rockets ~ a magazine dedicated to haiku, senryu, and related poetry. Stanford M. Forrester, Editor
  • HaikuOz ~ the journal of the Australian Haiku Society. A print journal, but their web site posts announcements for international contests and upcoming events.



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