Monday, October 30, 2006

Tanka in English ~ M. Kei

.M. Kei has announced his Bibliography of Books Containing Tanka in English, an online posting comprised of over 300 titles. An important resource for the serious waka student. This is an ongoing project, so check back periodically.

Other M. Kei links:

M. Kei's personal poetry blog, with explanations and examples of various forms and traditions: <> worthwhile browsing here

Editor, Fire Pearls: Short Masterpieces of the Human Heart <>

Moderator for Kyoka Mad Poems -- humorous tanka -- <> try your hand at one of these -- not as easy as it looks!

Co-Manager for Tanka Roundtable discussion group <> you need to join this google-group to peruse

Editor of the Chesapeake Bay Saijiki (haiku almanac) project at Worldkigo <> browse through the World Kigo Database while you're there

Be sure to check out the many other resources at Tanka Central - the megasite for English language tanka.

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M. Kei said...

Thanks for listing me, Billie Dee. I appreciate the support. ~K~