Saturday, November 25, 2006

BLOGGERbeta Glitch Fixes

I’ve been finding some nasty little glitches with the new BLOGGERbeta version (well, it is beta, after all)

  • Logging in from google is a little tricky. Use your original username and password. You will be directed to another log in page, which should show your email address as the username (if not, enter it), then retype your password. That should do the trick.
  • Clicking on the little “B” in the upper left corner of the mast heading is not working well on my blog, so it’s hard to get to Dashboard from the blog page. Here’s a go-around: scroll down and click on your VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE link, which will take you to your profile page. There is a big Blogger banner at the top of that page. Click on the logo and it will take you to Dashboard. If it doesn’t, it means you’re not signed in (see above).

  • The compose post form has a few problems, especially with leading and line break commands, as well as unmatched tags (especially "A href..." "/A" ). You might need to scan the code and edit.
  • The text size drop-down is finicky. Say you switch from NORMAL (default) to SMALL. If you change your mind, highlight the text, re-select SMALL (or whatever size you are trying to change from), then select the new size.
  • This is not a very powerful HTML compiler, but if you know basic commands you can do a lot of adjusting in the EDIT HTML mode. If you use FrontPage, or some similar program, write your post there, formatting as you usually do, then copy the HTML and paste to the Blogger form.
  • Indenting go-around: use periods, then highlight and change color to the same as your background. A white background makes this easy; otherwise, check the source code for your layout and retrieve your background color code there. Same for controlling "BR" and "P" commands -- if you don't want to scan code, use a period to hold line breaks.
  • My HTML literacy leaves a lot to be desired, so this is really a guide for the normal "compleate idiot" like myself. If you find other go-arounds, please let me know .

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RichM said...

I never would have thought about that invisible period trick. But on my blogspot blog I don't post much poetry of any kind, indented or not.