Monday, November 27, 2006

The Shiki Monthly Kukai

Quoted from the Haiku World website:
Our kukai has two divisions each month, called the "Kigo" and "Free Format" sections. In each section a topic word or phrase will be provided, and poems are to be composed using that topic word or phrase. In the "kigo" section, the word assigned will be a "kigo" -- a "season word" -- and is intended to be used in a way representing the "season" of that kigo. So, if the kigo was "cicada", each submitted poem must include the word "cicada". Unless specifically stated, the plural form of the word is also allowed. In the free format section, the assigned word will not necessarily be a "seasonal" word, and the poet is free to either place the topic word in the season of his choice, or to write a season-neutral poem that includes the topic word.

The "official lists" of the kukai are:

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Notifications from the kukai secretaries will also be posted at


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