Tuesday, December 12, 2006

kiku kigo and more...

Gabi Greve has sent me a link to her kigo discussion on kiku. There are many rich links and references there.
To collect the dew on the chrysanthemum petals and drink it would bring you long life (chooju).… As an auspicious symbol of long life (kisshoo monyoo) the chrysanthemum was used for many decoration, on embroydered kimono and as sweets (wagashi). The Chinese boy Kikujidoo drank the dew of the chrysanthemum and lived to gain immortality without ageing, or rather to the ripe age of 800 years. This legend was later incorporated into a famous Noh drama.

white chrysanthemum
, shiragiku
yellow chrysanthemum
, kigiku
fine weather to enjoy chrysanthemums
, kikubiyori
crowded chrysanthemums
, rangiku
home full of chrysanthemums
, kiku no yado
time for the chrysanthemums
, kikudoki
dew on chrysanthemums
, kiku no tsuyu
Long Life Chrysanthemum, Manjuugiku
"live to see 1000 generations," Chiyomigusa

Following a thread, I wound up at the Yahoo Group WorldKigoLibrary, an invaluable reading resource, also curated by Gabi. You don't need to be a member to access the messages. Especially noted:

A Conversation with the Poet Hoshinaga Fumio from Modern Haiku, 35:3, Autumn 2004, pp. 27-45.

twenty billion light-years of perjury...your blood type is "B"

Blood type B is rare in Japan; Type A is happier, but Type B carries a sense of melancholy.

blood type A
why am I unhappy
winter sparrow
..........--Billie Dee

See also Hoshinaga Fumio:Selected Haiku from Kumaso-Ha from the same issue, pp. 46-55

..........the spring tree--
..........I climb until I can
..........see the war

Arigatougozaimasu Gabi sensei! (((

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