Tuesday, June 02, 2009

kigo: Southern California summer wildflowers

Deborah Kolodji: Bush Monkey Flower, Fish Canyon, 5/31/09

From Debbie Kolodji, near Los Angeles, over Memorial Day weekend:

As a kigo update, here is a list of the wildflowers in bloom yesterday on the Fish Canyon hike:

  • California milkweed (just starting to bloom)
  • clarkia
  • wild mustard
  • prickley pear cactus
  • Our Lord's Candle (yucca)
  • blue dicks (at end of bloom period - I saw only one plant blooming - in March when I did the hike, they were blooming everywhere)
  • Indian pink
  • goldenstar
  • California buckwheat
  • cliff aster
  • golden yarrow
  • wild morning glory
  • sticky monkeyflower
  • bush monkey flower
  • elegant clarkia
  • caterpiller phaelia
  • Matilija poppy
  • common sunflower
  • western wallflower
  • white yarrow
  • California thistle
  • California blackberry
  • laurel sumac
  • dodder
  • Calfornia everlasting
  • leafy daisy

Thank you Debbie!

Visit Debbie Kolodji's Fickr site for more photos.

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